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With our server migration service, we make sure all your data and files are migrated successfully. Casbay migration service is suitable for all customers as our migration is available for all types of Casbay packages. We provide two types of server migration services, Migration for cPanel Control Panel and Migration from Other type Control Panel to Casbay Control Panel. For further explanations please refer to the table below.

For CPanel To Casbay CPanel
For Other Control Panel To Casbay CPanel
Package Includes:
Package Includes:
Package DOES NOT Includes:
Package DOES NOT Includes:

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2. If you need any special quotation for migration or technical assistance of any form, please drop us an email in contact us.


What is Server Migration?

Server migration is the moving or copying important data from one server to another at the same time configuring the target server to replace the first. For web hosting migration, new web server and database software are set up to copy over websites and configuration and DNS is changed to direct visitors to new server.

Why should I consider Server Migration?

Some organizations migrate their server to ensure the operating system and the hardware is up-to-date with current technology. Furthermore, migration of server to cloud helps to increase your infrastructure flexibility and scalability. Lastly, if you want to replace your aging infrastructure or to expand hosting, you should consider server migration.

How long does a Server Migration take?

A typical server migration cloud take a few days to a few weeks. It depends on amount of data migrated, stability of original server or other issues.

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