Private Cloud

Fit the needs of your business with our reliable and highly transparent cloud solutions.

Your Business. Your Private Cloud

Casbay offers scalable private cloud solution which 100% hosted within Australia. Get started with your own Cloud environment with geographical redundancy and management functionality.

We work with market-leading vendors include VMware®, Veeam®, Dell EMC® and Equinix®, to deliver Private Cloud solutions for mission-critical infrastructure and services ideal for supporting any sizes of businesses in Australia. Moreover, you can customise your own private cloud solution to fulfill your needs in migrating, consolidating or replacing your on-premises workloads to the Cloud.


On-demand, self-service access to dedicated infrastructure


Dedicated resources, latest in technology

Powered by VMware NSX®

Enhanced security of storage, network and compute layers


Customize your own resources

Spin it up

Spin up a new Virtual Host whenever you need it

Highly Available

Dual zone across two Data Centres

Keep your data safe

Use NSX to create your own VPN Connections

VMWare vSAN™

Hyperconverged storage

Why Casbay Private Cloud

Hosting can go wrong in many unexpected ways like the network goes down, storage and backups get crypto locked, or even a data centre loses power. Therefore, we designed a solution that will always remain online no matter what.

What's the Difference

One of the differences is when your private cloud run from two different data centres, we can alleviate most of the problems you face. For instance, if something goes wrong in one data centre, it will switch to redundant system of another data centre in minutes.

Second, the disaster recovery built-in prevents problems like crypto locked of your servers and your backups so you can use your data and backups anytime you want.

Features of Private Cloud

High Availaiblity

Achieve high availability with VMware’s latest infrastructure. VMware’s Hyper-converged solution provides true high availability by solving all 4 of the failure points, storage, compute, networking and management.

Dedicated Hardware

We work with Dell EMC to deliver dedicated physical servers driven by VMware's Enterprise Hypercoverged Technology. Giving you the best private cloud solutions.

Firewalls & Security

Platform-wide measures and features protect every aspect of your private cloud solution.

Backups & Disaster Recovery

Data backup for at least 3 independent copies on 2 different types of media with 1 backup copy offsite.

Data Centres

Your dedicated cloud hardware is hosted in Australia’s best data centres. Equinix Sydney SY3 and SY4.

Professional Services

Get 24/7 server management and technical support from our local engineers in our Australian based offices.


What is Private Cloud?

Private Cloud is a computing service where the resources are dedicated to one business or organization. Private cloud has a higher infrastructural capacity to handle large compute and storage demands, at the same time allow the organization to configure and reconfigure resources in any way they want.

What are the benefits of getting Private Cloud in Equinix data centre?
  • Fast and reliable connectivity for transmitting latency-sensitive and high-bandwidth data traffic
  • Increase information security from transmitting data over private connections instead of public networks
  • Greater IT agility from the ability to access and interconnect to new technology services
  • Simplified integration of new technology services
What are differences between Private Cloud vs Public Cloud?

For Public Cloud, your data is stored in the provider’s data center therefore your provider will handle the management and maintenance of your cloud but it is less secure compared to private cloud. On the other side, Private Cloud offers greater control over infrastructure, tighter security, and simple management of data locality concerns. However, Private Cloud requires more management resources from IT teams.

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